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update in 2020, the interface is pretty stripped back, the built-in themes aren’t stellar, and you can’t customize things like the post structure. The post editor, for example, mimics an even uglier version of Google Docs—which just doesn’t make for a great blogging experience. I’m shocked Google hasn’t killed

Really, it’s impossible to recommend, except that Blogger has one key feature that keeps it on this list: you can use a domain you already own, for free. With WordPress.com, on the other hand, unless you pay $4/month, you’re stuck with a blogname.wordpress.com URL.

Sign in to Blogger with your Google account, and create your first blog by clicking New Blog. Give it a name, and pick a theme. Then, click Settings in the sidebar, and under Publishing, select Custom Domain to add your custom domain name. Unfortunately, you can’t buy one through Google anymore, so you’ll need to configure things yourself with your domain registrar.

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